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Clean Cars Gather in Detroit, January 7th, 2001

The hybrid gathering in Detroit lacked a red or blue Insight, but there was a good turnout of silvers, with two yellows. Insights came from as far as Toronto, Columbus, and Pittsburgh.

Good thing I washed my Insight today or the static-cling sign would never have clung.

The convoy forms near Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Former Michigan legislator, Lana Pollack, was the keynote speaker

Larry Dussault endorses the hybrid Insight and Prius

Roland Hwang, Transportation Energy Expert, Natural Resources Defense Council

Jason Mark, Clean Vehicles Program Director, Union of Concerned Scientists

Kevin Mills, Senior Attorney with Environmental Defense and co-founder of The Clean Car Campaign and Pollution Prevention Alliance

Prius owners, Jon and Katy Dugan-Hass, say they'll never buy another conventional internal combustion engine car.

InsightMan declares, "I'm a car guy and I love my Insight!"

The view from the press conference. Missing from this picture are the hybrids taking members of the press for rides.