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Report from Tour de Sol

Mr. Insightman --
I thought you might find interesting the following information below about a recent event in which Honda participated.

We had 15 Insights on the Tour de Sol, a week-long road rally from NYC to Washington, DC. Five owner-driven Insights competed (see attached document below for MPG data) -- the overall winning Insight achieved 83.6 mpg over 292 miles, using 3.5 gallons of gas. The winning Insight for an individual leg of the tour achieved 94 mpg over 68.7 miles (from Chesapeake City, MD to Sandy Point State Park, MD).

Corporate Affairs -- Washington, DC
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
phone (202) 554-1650

[Thank you, Mr. Tebo, for sending me this great report on the Tour de Sol! We Insight owners want to know Ed Dempsey's driving secrets. His performance was head and shoulders above the rest of the Insights. Oh how I wish I could have attended this event! --InsightMan]

2000 American Tour de Sol Insight Owner Performance Results

MAY 4, 2000 Pre-event Press Release